Manuscript Feedback

Have  a manuscript you want another pair of eyes on? Meg reviews poetry full-length and chapbook manuscripts, as well as novels. Her feedback may include recommendations of places to send the work to upon completion.

Rate: $5 a page (standard manuscript format: one poem per page, prose: double spaced, 12 pt font)

Individual Poems, Cover Letters and Query letters

Meg will provide thorough feedback on your poems and even cover and query letters for submissions to magazines and presses. 

Rate: $7 a page(standard manuscript format: one poem per page, prose: double spaced, 12 pt font)

Author Websites

Meg loves helping authors develop their online presence through individual workshops on creating a website and social media pages. She works one-on-one with clients, teaching them how to use Squarespace so they can continue to edit and maintain their webpages. These workshops cost $30 an hour. 

Meg is also happy to directly develop websites for authors. This also costs $30 an hour for development time, and will also require paying for a subscription to Squarespace.  

Promo Material Design Work

Need bookmarks or other swag? Meg is more than happy to do design work for your upcoming title! Meg has experience designing promotional materials for a university living and learning program, as well as her own swag. She charges $30 an hour for her time.

Interested in receiving feedback on your work? Have questions? Talk to me on the Contact page!


“Meg’s manuscript evaluation services are outstanding. Her comments on my own manuscript were trenchant, specific without feeling the least bit nit-picky, and cast light on some of the poems in a way that my other readers had been unable to do. She is thoroughly professional and her evaluation is clearly grounded in her experience of the “po-biz.””
— -Poet Mentee "Ed"


“ I learned about lots of publishers. I learned so much about the importance of ordering poems for a chapbook. I learned how to compose a good query and cover letter.

I have a chapbook in progress and am totally energized to compile and get it ready to send out.

The course helped me in how to choose a title and how to cut poems that were not appropriate for this volume. Thank you Meg!”
— Poetry Chapbook Course Student "Lee"
“This course gave me so much to work on and work with and play with - and a nice little collection of poems that I’m going to keep fiddling with. Everyone’s feedback was super helpful. Overall, the course was definitely more than worth the time and money.”
— Foundations of Poetry student "Mike"