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Meg Eden's Tupelo 30/30 Poetry Challenge

This month I'm proud to be part of Tupelo Press's 30/30 poetry challenge! This means I'll be writing a poem a day and it'll be posted on Tupelo's blog. Like a marathon runner, I need support to do this, so if you feel inclined to support this poetry journey (which also supports Tupelo Press--2 birds with one stone!!), you're welcome to donate on the site below!

I’m also offering some of my own rewards for those who donate: 

• $10: Give me a title or prompt for an upcoming poem. This can be an Ode, or a poem in honor of someone, or a quirky title, or anything, really!
• $20: A copy of a chapbook of your choice.
• $30: A comprehensive critique of one of your poems, which can include recommendations for publication options.
• $129: A chapbook-length manuscript review (up to 30 pgs)—and Tupelo Press will give you a subscription to their 2015 books (that’s 10 books!)
If you choose to donate, please make sure to mention Meg Eden in the comment!

To donate and check out the poems from all this month's poets, visit: